“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

 You are cordially welcome to read and to know more about the Department of Food Science, SAPKM, Kichha affliated to Kumaun University, Nainital.



Food sciences is a multidisciplinary field that applies theories from chemistry, microbiology and other physical sciences to the study of food. The discipline uses research to develop and evaluate new food products and to determine the processes involved in the production and presentation of these products. Food sciences courses also study methods of preservation and storage of different food types, while ensuring food safety and quality.


Main subjects covered by food sciences programmes touch upon topics like: food safety and quality, food processing, animal products for human consumption, food engineering, cereal science and technology, food microbiology, nutraceuticals, functional foods and health.

Apart from fundamental knowledge in food processing, students develop the skills to evaluate alternative food manufacturing methods as well as an in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in the food market. They are also able to establish if food-manufacturing methods are in accordance with consumer and industry standards. Most programmes in food sciences provide internships in companies belonging to the food industry to give students extensive practical experience.


The department is uniquely equipped to train up the students through academic and professional orientations to take appropriate and realistic approaches in planning, operating, managing and developing the nation’s agro-industries as well as other allied agencies. The department is also dynamic with changing activities and programs to meet the rapid technological developments in food science with allied applied sciences focusing on food processing and safety management. The courses of the department are designed on the perception of food for health, and thereby they guarantee food product diversification for consumer satisfaction. The course curriculum is continuously reviewed and updated with latest course contents.

Our academic staff members are well trained and experienced in a wide variety of relevant disciplines. We participate not only in teaching, but also in research programmes.

We welcome applications for admission into our B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes.

We are always ready to receive research ideas as well as requests for collaboration in research from industry, community groups and other stakeholders.

Our staff members are also well versed in consultancy work and the department is therefore ready to offer consultancy services.

Head of Department,


The department has well developed infrastructure in the form of laboratories and up-to–date equipment like UV-Visible Spectrometer, milk scanner, refractometer, pH meter, Soxhlet extractor, Kjeldahl apparatus and muffle furnace.


The food industry is one of the largest industries in the world and needs highly trained professionals to ensure the sustainable supply, quality and safety of food and food engineering. The objective of this course is to offer in- depth study of various areas related to Food Science and Technology so as to enable the students to understand food composition its nutritional, microbiological and sensory aspects. This program also trains the students in the processing and preservation techniques of food items.They are also taught about the importance of safety, quality, plant sanitation of food, food laws and regulations, and packaging in food industry.

Career Options

Food Technology students have good career opportunities to work as Food scientists who work on determining the quality of existing methods of food packaging and processing.Graduates can follow career opportunities like: food research and development scientist, quality assurance advisor, food plant manager, food molecular biologist, flavour chemist and food safety officer.The Food Corporation of India (FCI) offers jobs to large number of people in the purchase, storage, transport and distribution of food grains. Private enterprises market bread, fruit juices, edible oils and soft drink concentrates. Food processing companies and food research labs   hospitality industry are also looking for expert degree holders in food technology.  Government is mulling over adding five hundred more Food parks all over the country. This will generate more jobs for Food technologists.